What is Solavei?

This six month old companSolaveiy called Solavei, you might be wondering what in the world  is Solavei.

Stay with me as we weave this all together. A term that you are starting to hear more about is social commerce. Mark Zuckerberg made this statement; “If I had to guess, Social Commerce is next to blow up.”

So just where does Solavei and social commerce intersect?

What Is Solavei?

Solavei began with a simple idea, that idea was that a single relationship has the power to make life better for many people. Remember six degrees of separation, it’s the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any person in the world. They took that idea and turned it into a company that can make commerce less expensive and even profitable for everyone. They started with mobile phone service because it’s something all of us already use and it’s the technology connecting us every day.

Solavei Social Commerce Revolution

Solavei is about implementing the very best processes, tracking systems, corporate leadership and never-seen-before technology.The reason this is all being created is for the millions of people that will become members of the Solavei Social Commerce Revolution.


What kind of revolution are we talking about? It’s an economic revolution. Let’s look for a moment at this word revolution an what it means.Revolution- a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or in people’s ideas about it.

Solavei Team

Next what Solavei did was nothing short of amazing. They put together a team of some of the best and brightest the technology and telecommunication fields have to offer. They have attracted leading people from AT&T, Walmart, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft and T-Mobile to the Solavei team. They have partnered with high profile brands and they have earned the attention of investors from Amazon.com, News Corp., and numerous venture capital firms.

Why Is Solavei Different?

Solavei thinks a person’s voice is the most powerful form of marketing, so that’s what they are investing in. While other companies spend billions on traditional marketing, Solavei rewards you for sharing Solavei with your connections.

Now Is The Time

Four trends tell us why Solavei makes sense now: 1) people need help in our current economy; 2) social media has given new power to people’s relationships; 3) mobile technology is everywhere and keeping us more connected than ever; and 4) new the coupons models show that people are increasingly interested in sharing good deals and earning money through their social networks.

Four Quadrants

Solavei is creating this revolution by bringing together 4 quadrants. Those four quadrants are: Social, Banking, Mobile and Commerce.

When was the last time you were paid by Facebook, or your mobile phone carrier? Never did I hear you say? That is right, we are never paid by Facebook, they had their IPO, but how much did you receive from that? Your mobile phone carrier spends billions of dollars every year to acquire new customers and guess who is paying for that? Right again, you are.

Solavei is creating a social commerce platform that will allow the millions of members as it grows to use social media. Banking, we will all have the same card issued by the same financial institute. We will all be on the same mobile service and because of this we will interact with commerce in a new way. Big business will hear the one Voice of Solavei loud and clear and scramble to want to be part of what is happening.


Solavei puts the power in your hands, what you are willing to pay for mobile service. Make the move to Solavei and you have now taken your first step of spending less but getting more. You can now have Unlimited Talk, Text and Web for $49 a month with no contracts or credit checks. As if that was not enough but hold on, It gets even better. You can earn money just for sharing Solavei with family, friends and others. As your network of connections grows—both through your actions, and the actions of each person who joins because of you—you can even make a profit every month.

Opportunity For All

The people you share Solavei with will have the same opportunities you have, and when they grow their networks, everyone benefits. This is the power of relationships and community at work. It’s the foundation of Solavei. Just for a moment take a step back and take a look at the big picture. Mobile is just the initial offering of Solavei, there will be possibly dozens. So stop for a moment and consider this; as you share the mobile service and your network grows, what happens to your income when the next offer is rolled out? Let’s just use small numbers in our example; you build a network of fifty people over time or in a hurry. The next offer hits and twenty-five of your network sign up to take advantage of that. Your income just increased dramatically, and you did not have to do any more work to make that happen.

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And so… Solavei was started to create an economic revolution that will turn the world upside down as it challenges the processes, mentalities, and methodologies of traditional business today. By creating a new type of Social Media platform, Solavei is starting to do what other Social Media companies, have never done. Solavei is moving the profits from advertisers into the hands of the people. Ready to join? Click here now!

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